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The ‘Working From Home’ Playlist

Now that we are once again being encouraged to work from home (or perhaps you never left your kitchen table) we’ve designed a playlist to help you retain concentration and create a sense of calm during your working hours. 

We know only too well that it can be a struggle to maintain focus and create clear boundaries for your work-life in amongst your home-life. Distractions at home are aplenty, in the form of chores, partners, children or even just the restlessness of living and working in the same space, not to mention the backdrop of a global pandemic. And so, we hope our playlist goes a part of the way to help minimise the effect of these disruptions and create a sense of calm.

This playlist is compiled of tracks with a BPM that matches a heartrate at rest and sounds that mimic nature and create “soft fascinations” – in Attention Restoration Theory, natural sights, sounds and smells are proven to improve focus [1] – as well as a few tracks used in Luminate’s guided meditation sessions and that personally help the team when they’re working from home too. 

We will continue to add to and grow the wfh playlist whilst these stricter measures are in place and hope you find it soothing and an effective working aid. Follow on Spotify to get updates.



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