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WHITE PAPER: The Business Case for Wellbeing Programmes

This paper provides an objective overview of the business case for wellbeing programmes. We intend to determine the return on investment for the different types of interventions and examine the evidence that exists in this area.

Wellbeing is a hot topic on many business agendas, but like with most initiatives there’s usually an investment required of both time and money. Questions around return on investment come up frequently, with HR teams trying to justify their spend on this very important subject.

Many leaders will immediately recognise the value of a wellbeing programme; after all happier, healthier employees will ultimately take less time off work, feel more motivated and produce a higher quality of work. But for those who need a little more convincing, there is a business case to be made for this kind of initiative.

In this white paper, we aim to provide the evidence for this business case. We reference high-quality studies that indicate that a return on investment can be seen when businesses get behind wellbeing programmes. Download the white paper below.


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