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Building Confidence

What would you do with more confidence? What are you not doing because you lack the confidence? Taking a moment to think about these questions can be both exciting and humbling.

Self-confidence and self-esteem form a big part of positive mental health. True inner confidence is detectable by others around us and whilst it is not something we can fake; it is something we can build on and improve.

Whilst we all have insecurities, some of us suffer more with low-confidence than others and it affects our ability to really thrive at work. Confidence can help you build stronger relationships, master new skills and perform at a higher level at work. In this webinar we help you build an understanding of how you can develop self-confidence in order to maximise success at work and beyond.

Webinar duration: 60-minutes | Workshop duration: 90-minutes


• Identifying the root of low confidence
• Assessing our own level of confidence
• Building self-compassion for better confidence
• The importance of authenticity & vulnerability
• Exercises for building confidence
• Owning your space

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