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Wellbeing Programmes

We run 12 month wellbeing programmes for companies of all shapes and sizes.

In any given year British business loses around 97 million hours – about 250,000 years – to absences resulting from poor mental health. A third of all GP absence certificates relate to ongoing, debilitating mental health conditions.

Employees are the driving force behind everything you achieve. By putting wellbeing at the heart of everything you do, you also put people where they should be – at the heart of your success.

Our wellbeing programmes are individually designed to meet the specific health and wellbeing challenges faced by your teams and make a real difference to the success of your business

Modern workplaces are intense. Commercial pressures create stress and tension and technology keeps us forever plugged in. It all adds up to poorer performance, lower productivity and a reduced bottom line.

Our programmes take an end-to-end approach to improving health and wellbeing in your business. We’ll show individuals how to look after themselves better, but we’ll also help your leaders and managers to understand mental health and the identify and deal with the factors that contribute to it.

We’ll help your business to find a balance that makes everyone feel supported and valued with the right skills to look after themselves and others.

And that’s when the good stuff happens – for everyone.


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