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Wellbeing For Leaders

Providing your managers with the tools they need to support the wellbeing of their teams, to support their own mental health and to lead with compassion.

A series of online workshops (90-minute sessions) and webinars (60-minute sessions) designed support the mental wellness of your leaders and their teams.

Our workshops and webinars aim to provide accessible solutions and practical take-aways; to help managers create a more positive culture at work, to develop their understanding of mental health and how it relates to the workplace and, ultimately, to drive more commercial success through motivating and truly supporting their teams.

We work with managers, executives and directors from businesses of all sizes to understand what impacts their wellbeing at work and that of their teams – including interactive elements in each session to deliver maximum impact.

Conducted virtually through Zoom, or through a preferred internal platform, they are condensed sessions that each tackle a different subject around improving the wellbeing of a team.

Wellbeing For Leaders

We run Workshops and Webinars on:

  • Mental Health Awareness For Managers
  • Managing Stress Within Your Team
  • Building Resilient Teams
  • Building Happy Teams
  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

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