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Introduction to Financial Wellbeing

We are living in a rapidly changing economy and, in a world where financial security seems increasingly scarce, this only exacerbates the stress that many feel related to money concerns.

We want to help you understand how to build better financial wellbeing and take back control of your finances by reframing how you think about money. By making some small, achievable changes, you can start to build a financial future that leaves you with a sense of security, comfort and ease and reduces the feelings of stress and anxiety that you may feel around money.

Webinar duration: 60-minutes

Find out more about our Financial Wellbeing webinar series here.

In this webinar we cover:

  • Understanding financial wellbeing and why it’s important
  • Controlling & reviewing your finances effectively
  • Re-framing how you think about money
  • 10 practical tips and tools to help you stay in control of your money

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