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Mindfulness course

Our 6-week mindfulness course is designed to help reduce stress, reduce the risk of mental illness and help attendees find a more fulfilling and present way of living and working.

Living in a constant state of stress and urgency can have a profoundly negative effect on our health, but it can also affect our performance at work and the way we relate to those around us.

A regular mindfulness practice can help improve resilience, emotional regulation, our working memory, our ability to focus, and even our immune system.

It can also make us more present, patient and compassionate, which in turn can help our relationships both at work and at home. But these benefits don’t come without the discipline and commitment of a regular practice…

Through guided meditations, group discussion, lessons on the theory that supports mindfulness and developing an at-home practice, this course aims to train the brain and form positive habits in its attendees – so they can continue to practice long after the course is over and reap the benefits mindfulness.


We have adjusted all of our services to be delivered digitally.

6x sessions over 6-weeks:  1x session per week alongside a home practice.

Sessions last 1-hour and are conducted over video call.

We can accommodate groups of up to 16.


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