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Mental health first aid

We offer accredited Mental Health First Aid training, which can be delivered in-house to your employees. If you have eight or more employees you’d like to train in Mental Health First Aid, then we can help.

This is an accredited course which teaches attendees how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental illness and how to assist someone who may be experiencing mental illness.

Training your employees in mental health first aid, shows you value mental health as much as you do physical health. It is a proactive approach to managing mental health at work, that gives your employees the tools to feel more confident when dealing with this area.

This course is accredited by the Royal Society of Public Health and all of our trainers have completed the MHFA England Instructor Training programme.

We offer:

  • Mental Health Aware – Half day training
  • Mental Health First Aid Champion – One day training
  • Mental Health First Aiders – Two day training

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