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Mental Health Awareness Training

Every year, British business loses millions of hours to mental health illnesses.
From stress to addiction to depression, the impact of poor mental health in the workplace has never been more acute.


Unfortunately, it’s still possible for two people to share a desk every day and for one to be totally unaware the other has a debilitating mental or psychological condition. And, unlike most physical illnesses, the signs of poor mental health aren’t always easy to spot.

Our Mental Health Awareness Training is designed to give employees and employers the very best chance of being able to spot a colleague in crisis, to know when and how it’s appropriate to intervene and how organisations can support people on their journey back to wellness.


Our sessions are delivered virtually via Zoom or a similar platform.
The training lasts 4 hours (2x 2 hour sessions) and is delivered live by one of our facilitators.

Learning is interactive and involves a combination of presentation, group discussion, group exercises and individual activities.

Luminate also offer a hybrid version (a shorter course that includes both an e-learning module and live session) and 90 minute introductory workshops on Mental Health Awareness.

What we cover:

  • An introduction to mental health
  • Spotting the signs and symptoms of mental ill health
  • Becoming familiar with the mental health continuum
  • Risk factors and treatment options for mental illness
  • Mental health illnesses in detail
  • Supporting employees with mental health illnesses
  • Creating a workplace culture which encourages good mental health
  • Using preventative methods to keep mentally healthy
  • Resources and further reading


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