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Executive stress management programme

Our executive stress management programme targets stress and wellbeing at the very top of your organisation, creating a standard for a more efficient, more productive way of working.

We work with managers, executives and directors within businesses of all sizes to improve personal levels of wellbeing for these individuals.

Evidence has proven that high stress levels can negatively affect your relationships (both professional and personal), productivity levels and health (both mental and physical). For your leaders to be working at their optimum they need to learn how to manage stress and how to make lifestyle choices that will improve their levels of wellbeing, and in turn their quality of work and their capacity to lead effectively.

We are biologically programmed to mimic stress (a now-redundant survival tool) which means that if an executive is experiencing high stress, this may create a ‘culture of stress’ within the company which then becomes the standard in that organisation; a culture which is very hard to shift.

The programme provides a holistic solution to the high pressure and stresses that executives experience on a daily basis. During the initial assessment phase, we measure stress levels using a sophisticated heart rate variability monitor which provides us with essential data in order to identify high pressure points during the course of a week. We then provide a nutritional health assessment and ask the executive to complete our wellbeing questionnaire. During the delivery phase, we provide one-to-one coaching, one-to-one mindfulness training and one-to-one nutritional support (if required). At the end of the delivery phase, we track and measure again, presenting any improvements made throughout the programme in a final report.

The programme includes:

  • HRV testing & reporting x 2
  • Nutritional health assessment x 2
  • One-to-one executive coaching
  • One-to-one mindfulness training
  • One-to-one nutritional support
  • Final feedback report

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