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An estimated 17.8 million people are living with musculoskeletal conditions in the UK and these conditions accounted for 22.4% of total sickness absence in 2016.

Evidence shows that depression is four times more common among people in persistent pain compared to those without pain so back injuries can be a significant problem on many levels.

Making sure your office working spaces are ergonomically aligned is a health and safety requirement for all employers in the UK, but it also means your employees are less likely to suffer injuries and pain due to a badly set up work station.

With so much of our lives spent at a desk, it is crucial that this space is set up correctly to avoid, injuries, chronic pain and poor posture, all of which will affect a person’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Our ergonomic assessments include:

  • An on-site work-station assessment
  • Instant ergonomic adjustments
  • Recommendations & a full report
  • An on-site physiotherapy day clinic (optional extra)

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