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Building stronger teams

There are few occasions in the workplace where we’re not required to work in a team or to collaborate with others to produce a result of some kind.

When teams work well, it becomes easier to produce great work, but often things get in the way of this, whether it’s difficulty in working inclusively, struggling with difference or the inability to communicate effectively.

This workshop focuses on improving team cohesion and reducing conflict within your teams, so that they can harness all the individual skills within them and work to their full potential.

When dysfunctional behaviours emerge within a team, friction increases, projects can stall and our working lives become a bit more difficult. But when teams work together harmoniously, great things start to happen for the individual, the team and the business.

Webinar duration: 60-minutes | Workshop duration: 90-minutes

In this workshop we cover:

  • What are the common factors of high performing teams?
  • Improving social awareness & relationship management
  • Improving collaborative working
  • Overcoming team dysfunctions
  • A collaborative team-building exercise

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