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We are Luminate

A mental health consultancy, helping businesses create happier, healthier workplaces through bespoke wellbeing programmes.

We empower businesses to create safe, positive, inclusive work environments in which employees can openly discuss their mental health and find genuine support. 

Luminate deliver wellness training and support suitable for staff at all levels, from preventative based wellbeing programmes alongside reactive care for employees. Our workshops cover a range of subjects, such as stress management, leadership wellbeing, building resilience and Mental Health First Aid.

Luminate's programmes can achieve seismic change - improving employee mental health, increasing productivity and engagement, reducing absence and helping retain and attract new talent. 

Join us in our mission.

To rewrite the story of mental health in the workplace.
Our Clients
Case Study
Cornerstone Case Study - A Comprehensive Wellbeing Programme
Cornerstone wanted to continue building on the work they had done in employee wellbeing by further developing the tools acquired by their colleagues and managers.
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    Wednesday, January 12 2022
    Recipe: Mood Boosting Sweet Potato Stew
      There is an increasing amount of research demonstrating the link between what we eat and our mood. Leading many nutritionists to believe that we can, quite literally, eat ourselves happy. ‘Eating happy’ means using nutrition to support the healthy functioning of our brains, as well as our bodies, and adjusting what we eat to […]
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    Tuesday, December 21 2021
    Positive News: World Mental Health in 2021
      When writing about world mental health, it can be easy to focus on the negative: the work yet to be done, the stigma that remains widespread, the policy in need of change. And, although these are the issues that drive our work, we want to take a moment to speak about (well, write about) […]
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    Thursday, November 4 2021
    Dealing with stress by building resilience
      Stress is a feature of most modern workplaces but, by giving our employees the tools to start actively building resilience, we can help them cope much better with its negative effects. Resilience can make all the difference between a happy, healthy workforce and one that is demoralised and unproductive. And so, it is important […]
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