Our Approach – Weareluminate

How we do it

We want to help build a world where companies put the wellbeing of their employees above profit. To do that we need to change the way businesses think about how and why they invest in their people. When that happens, success is never far behind.

Good mental health doesn’t start with the individual people who work with us – it starts with the environment we create for them. So that’s where we start, too.


Environment is the foundation on which good mental health in the workplace is built. The modern workplace is far removed from the natural landscape we were designed to live in and different from the social environments we occupy. We’ll help you to create the right environment to foster good mental health – from how you use work space to the company culture and management styles that will help build a happy and successful business.


Once you have the right environment, you need to foster the right communities. Humans naturally operate in social groups or tribes and having a sense of personal community is crucial to good mental health. Businesses are also built on communities – yet some are more conducive to mental wellbeing than others. We’ll help you to build positive communities within your company through group activities, team building workshops and showing your managers how to install a sense of community within their teams.


Only if we get the environment and communities right can we start to focus on giving employees the tools and skills to cope with the challenges that modern life brings with it. Our workshops and mindfulness programmes are focused around teaching individuals the tools to look after their health and the health and wellbeing of others. We teach strategies for stress management, ways to build resilience and techniques to improve emotional intelligence.

All change can be uncomfortable, but often change is unavoidable to achieve a successful transformation in mental health in the workplace.  It might require you to reevaluate your management style or the structure of your company. It may require you to change the way you have conversations around mental health. We’re here to help guide you through that change.

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