Tazeen Ahmad


Tazeen Ahmad is an executive coach & leadership consultant. She has the highest level of executive coaching qualification and has helped hundreds of senior leaders, teams and executives succeed in pressurised, driven and creative environments.

She runs workshops and carries out consultancy work for some of the UK’s top organisations including Google, Ofsted and Bauer Media, covering topics such as emotional intelligence, communication, managing difficult relationships and harnessing introversion. In her one-to-one work she helps individuals develop their emotional intelligence and strategise effectively in both their personal and professional lives.

Tazeen is currently completing further study in the fields of organisational psychology and conflict resolution in the workplace. Tazeen was an award-winning senior investigative reporter and presenter for over twenty years working with broadcasters such as BBC, NBC, ITN and Channel 4.  She has also been an in-house coach and faculty member of the School of Life.