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Recipe: Immunity Booster Broccoli


Oftentimes veggies are not the star of the show; imagine a tasty roast centrepiece next to a bowl of boiled carrots for instance. 

I’ve created this recipe to not only give your veg a bit of pizazz, but to ensure you get all of the winter nutrients you need to help keep healthy when it’s cold. 

Broccoli forms the centre of this dish and, being packed with antioxidant vitamins and fibre, it ensures our immune system and gut stay happy. We all know lemon packs a vitamin C punch to help beat colds and flu, and pumpkin seeds make the perfect companion due to their high Zinc content; known for helping ward off winter illnesses.


1 head of broccoli

3-4 garlic cloves (depending on how much you like it!)

A large handful of pumpkin seeds

5 sprigs of thyme

Rind of one lemon

1 teaspoon lemon juice

4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil



– Grate the lemon rind and take the leaves off the thyme stalks. Combine both in a small dish with 3 tbsp of the oil and the lemon juice; adding in slowly whilst mixing. Leave to one side.

– Dry fry the pumpkin seeds in a large frying pan. The seeds should begin to pop after 4-5 minutes; this means they’re done. Remove from the pan.

– Using the same pan, add the remaining olive oil and begin to fry the broccoli over a medium heat for around 3-4 minutes.

– Cover the pan with a lid, effectively steaming the broccoli. Shake occasionally so you get lovely browned edges.

– After another 3-4 minutes, add in the thinly sliced garlic. Leave to cook with the lid on; again, tossing occasionally. 

– Take the lid off and finish off cooking till the broccoli still has a little bite.

– Assemble the dish in a bowl, broccoli first, then drizzled with oil. Top off with your toasted seeds.


This recipe was created by Sam Hamrebtan, owner of The Loess Life and Luminate facilitator. 

Sam has an advanced level 6 diploma in Nutritional Therapy from The College of Naturopathic Medicine and is an expert in down to earth nutritional advice. She delivers webinars and workshops on Nutrition and Intuitive Eating, that explore our relationship to food, the part it plays in our wellbeing and offers some simple, delicious guidance on how to achieve well-balanced diet.

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