Case Study: Cornerstone

Cornerstone wanted to continue building on the work they had done in employee wellbeing by further developing the tools acquired by their colleagues and managers. They were keen to run a series [...]


Since going into lockdown over 9 weeks ago, we’ve strived to continue to help as many of you as possible with our wellbeing services. We pivoted our services to be delivered virtually and we’ve [...]

WHITE PAPER: The Business Case for Wellbeing Programmes

This paper provides an objective overview of the business case for wellbeing programmes. We intend to determine the return on investment for the different types of interventions and examine the [...]

White paper: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding, Managing and Beating Stress

This paper provides an in-depth look at stress; its effects on our physical body, our mental health and how we can develop long-term resilience and the tools to manage stress more effectively.