Looking after your wellbeing whilst working from home

Some people will be well-adjusted to working from home, but for others this will be a new experience. Expect there to be a bedding-in period, of finding your feet and getting used to this new [...]

Five health & wellbeing myths we had to dispel

The world of wellness is a bit like the wild wild west at the moment; a wave of influencers, Instagram ‘experts’ and sponsored content, means we’re receiving a huge amount of information and [...]

We’re Hiring! Join our team….

We are looking to hire a business development manager to help with the expansion of our wellbeing consultancy.

Six tips to help night owls get a better night’s sleep

Hands up my fellow owls! Dragging themselves out of bed each morning to greet the day bleary eyed and fatigued, trying to keep up with the morning larks of this world.  I’m going to start [...]

11 ways to engage your employees in your wellbeing programme

As an HR team or company leader, there is nothing more disheartening than rolling out a wellbeing programme to find your employees aren’t engaging with it

Marginal gains; the art of micro-tuning your life

So I write this blog as it’s mid-way through January and if the statistics are anything to go by than most of us will have already given up on any resolutions we made.

WHITE PAPER: The Business Case for Wellbeing Programmes

This paper provides an objective overview of the business case for wellbeing programmes. We intend to determine the return on investment for the different types of interventions and examine the [...]

12 ideas to make your workplace wellbeing event a success

Many companies are hosting wellbeing days or weeks to launch a wellness programme. This could be set up like a fair if you have the space with different stalls and events or it could consist of [...]

Healthy habits: why it’s not enough to just educate on health and wellbeing

For most modern office workers, we know what healthy looks like, we just struggle to make the necessary changes to get there. There is a barrage of information available on health and fitness and [...]