Not everyone can be a people manager. And that’s okay.

The skills required to manage people well don't come naturally to everyone. And that's absolutely fine! There's more than one path to career satisfaction.

What to do for Stress Awareness Month 2021

This April marks Stress Awareness Month. Often not taken seriously enough within the workplace, we offer some sustainable solutions to combat chronic stress.

8 unexpected lessons from my 8 week mindfulness course

How can mindfulness help you? Some unexpected lessons taken from an 8 week mindfulness course - from a beginner's perspective.

Would you talk to a friend that way? Building confidence through self-compassion

Sometimes that little voice in your head can be a little unkind, but learning to treat yourself with compassion is the key to confidence.

Your Digital Detox Plan

This January many of us will be reflecting on the challenges of the past year, and it is most likely our devices we’ll turn to when seeking connection, comfort or distraction.

Skill Up, But Do It Softly

Are you hiring at the moment? Perhaps you’re looking for your next opportunity or gunning for that promotion with a view to skilling up? On the road to leadership we are often encouraged to gain [...]

The ‘Working From Home’ Playlist

Now that we are once again being encouraged to work from home (or perhaps you never left your kitchen table) we’ve designed a playlist to help you retain concentration and create a sense of calm [...]

Five health & wellbeing myths we had to dispel

The world of wellness is a bit like the wild wild west at the moment; a wave of influencers, Instagram ‘experts’ and sponsored content, means we’re receiving a huge amount of information and [...]

Why your new year diet could be bad for your mental health

January is the month of new beginnings, new resolutions and often new diets. Maybe this January it’s the Paleo diet, the Alkaline diet or even a plant-based diet. It could be a promise to cut out [...]

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