It’s OK to be scared

One thing I’ve really not liked since the outbreak of Coronavirus is the minimising of other people’s fears or worries around it. Images telling us how many people die of cancer, suicide or even [...]

But mindfulness didn’t ‘work’ for me…

I decided to write this post after reading an article in a national newspaper by a journalist who describes how she tried to fit in 5 minutes of mindfulness a day using an app but it made her [...]


Mastering multi units provides training for managers and leadership teams who manage multiple units around the country or even globally. Our founding director Mel Crate spoke to them about how [...]

LET’S TALK ABOUT BULLYING: The Mental Health Cost of Workplace Bullying

White paper: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding, Managing and Beating Stress

This paper provides an in-depth look at stress; its effects on our physical body, our mental health and how we can develop long-term resilience and the tools to manage stress more effectively.