‘I had so little insight into my own needs’ – my burnout story

A personal account of a friend of Luminate’s, detailing the events that led up to their burning out, how it manifested, where they feel their workplace fell short, and their road to recovery.

The link between Parental Leave and Maternal Mental Health

We can’t talk about maternal mental health without talking about shared parental leave. This Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week, Mel shares her story of new motherhood.

The First Step: starting a conversation about Mental Health in the workplace

It can be difficult to know where or how to start a conversation about mental health at work. Here's how...

What to do for Stress Awareness Month 2021

This April marks Stress Awareness Month. Often not taken seriously enough within the workplace, we offer some sustainable solutions to combat chronic stress.

Menopause And Its Effect On Mental Health

Right now, in the UK, more than 13 million people are going through the menopause. So – why aren’t we talking about it at work?

Reframing lockdown: 5 positive changes

The pandemic has affected all of us, in ways both seismic and small. But – taking an optimistic view – it’s not all bad. Out of something so catastrophic, we have also seen the best out of people...

The Ripple Effects of Redundancy on Organisational Wellbeing

One of the most concerning statistics we’ve seen in the last few weeks is that almost half (49%) of all professional workers are now ‘deeply’ fearful about their job security. Often this is not [...]

Case Study: Cornerstone

Cornerstone wanted to continue building on the work they had done in employee wellbeing by further developing the tools acquired by their colleagues and managers. They were keen to run a series [...]


Since going into lockdown over 9 weeks ago, we’ve strived to continue to help as many of you as possible with our wellbeing services. We pivoted our services to be delivered virtually and we’ve [...]

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