Meet the team: Sophie North

What attracted you to a career in wellbeing? I have always been really passionate about mental health and wellbeing. In 2019, I experienced a period of poor mental health that was caused, in [...]

Why your new year diet could be bad for your mental health

January is the month of new beginnings, new resolutions and often new diets. Maybe this January it’s the Paleo diet, the Alkaline diet or even a plant-based diet. It could be a promise to cut out [...]

The pros and cons of Mental Health First Aid training

We are increasingly being asked for Mental Health First Aid training and whilst it’s wonderful that businesses are looking to engage in some kind of wellbeing activity, we also need to be aware [...]

We’re Hiring! Join our team….

We are looking to hire a business development manager to help with the expansion of our wellbeing consultancy.

5 things I learnt from a week spent in silence…

Some of you will know I recently spent a week on an insight meditation retreat. What does that mean? It’s switching off completely from all devices and creating the space for deep reflection and [...]

But mindfulness didn’t ‘work’ for me…

I decided to write this post after reading an article in a national newspaper by a journalist who describes how she tried to fit in 5 minutes of mindfulness a day using an app but it made her [...]

Six tips to help night owls get a better night’s sleep

Hands up my fellow owls! Dragging themselves out of bed each morning to greet the day bleary eyed and fatigued, trying to keep up with the morning larks of this world.  I’m going to start [...]

11 ways to engage your employees in your wellbeing programme

As an HR team or company leader, there is nothing more disheartening than rolling out a wellbeing programme to find your employees aren’t engaging with it

Marginal gains; the art of micro-tuning your life

So I write this blog as it’s mid-way through January and if the statistics are anything to go by than most of us will have already given up on any resolutions we made.