Reframing lockdown: 5 positive changes

The pandemic has affected all of us, in ways both seismic and small. But – taking an optimistic view – it’s not all bad.  Out of something so catastrophic, we have also seen the best out of [...]

The Ripple Effects of Redundancy on Organisational Wellbeing

One of the most concerning statistics we’ve seen in the last few weeks is that almost half (49%) of all professional workers are now ‘deeply’ fearful about their job security. Often this is not [...]

Skill Up, But Do It Softly

Are you hiring at the moment? Perhaps you’re looking for your next opportunity or gunning for that promotion with a view to skilling up? On the road to leadership we are often encouraged to gain [...]

Meet The Team: Poppy Millett

We sat down with Luminate's newest team-member for a chat about wellbeing, walks and biscuits! Meet Poppy - our new Marketing Executive.

The wfh Playlist

Now that we are once again being encouraged to work from home (or perhaps you never left your kitchen table) we’ve designed a playlist to help you retain concentration and create a sense of calm [...]

Join our team…

We’re looking for a marketing executive to join our small team here at Luminate. We’re looking for someone who is passionate about wellbeing and has some fun and exciting ideas to bring to the [...]


Since going into lockdown over 9 weeks ago, we’ve strived to continue to help as many of you as possible with our wellbeing services. We pivoted our services to be delivered virtually and we’ve [...]

Looking after your wellbeing whilst working from home

Some people will be well-adjusted to working from home, but for others this will be a new experience. Expect there to be a bedding-in period, of finding your feet and getting used to this new [...]

It’s OK to be scared

One thing I’ve really not liked since the outbreak of Coronavirus is the minimising of other people’s fears or worries around it. Images telling us how many people die of cancer, suicide or even [...]