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WHY we do what we do

Our ambition is simple: we founded Luminate to help dramatically improve mental health in the workplace.

We’re not here to drive profitability, although that’s very much a by-product of the support we offer to businesses. It doesn’t define or inform our purpose – which is to foster a business environment where people feel comfortable and safe discussing their mental wellbeing.

That means helping businesses to lead from the front when it comes to employee support, care and recovery rather than accepting behaviours which are likely to exacerbate the problem.

We do that by coaching business leaders to create the right environments and communities to encourage good mental health and offering outstanding training and insight for employees so they’re able to practice self-care, support others and lead contented and fulfilling lives.

Human talent drives your commercial success, and when people are emotionally invested in what they do, their motivation becomes less about reward and more about contribution.

While other businesses invest tens of thousands of pounds in clever software and automated systems, we work with really smart organisations that recognise it’s their people who drive and define their success.

You won’t get wild promises about ROI or increased profit from us, but you will get an absolute commitment to improve mental health and wellbeing in your workplace so you can achieve the goals you’ve set for your business.



Using cutting edge scientific research and proven philosophies around successful living, we create engaging and dynamic training programmes that are designed to help everyone to be emotionally invested in individual and collective success.


We only work with organisations that are serious about achieving growth through positive change. Without a commitment that extends beyond the training we offer, nothing of value can ever be achieved.

Whatever the size and structure of your business. if you’re struggling to find the right approach to staff wellbeing and engagement but have an open mind and a determination to succeed, then we’re the perfect partner for you.

Who We've Worked With

What they’ve said

Mel’s workshop was fantastic, highlighting some of the common pitfalls for mental health in the workplace and some simple tips to help your wellbeing. The content was easy to understand, without being patronising and I would definitely recommend others to attend.

Rebecca Wilson, Head of New Business
CLIC Sargent

It was a fantastic day – many thanks to Jana (and you!) for delivering such an engaging programme. We have had such positive feedback from everyone who attended. Jana’s presentation style has been particularly praised, and I think everyone has taken away a number of points from the sessions that will help with their wellbeing.

Louise Tolley, Solicitor
Allen & Overy

I just wanted to share a quick note and thank Mel and Jana for organising our Mental Health Workshops. Jana did a fantastic job and was really engaging in all three sessions delivered. We found the content incredibly useful. Two of the three sessions were delivered globally via a webinar format and were greatly received. It was a pleasure working with Jana and Mel as no request was too difficult, they were always happy to accommodate any requests I made. I would definitely recommend Luminate, and look forward to having them more sessions in the near future

Kamil Boriel, Talent Coordinator

Another brilliant partnership with Melissa Crate and Luminate for a hugely engaging and globally impactful resilience course. I couldn’t think of a better time to both invest in and work on, developing our resilience levels. Over 6 weeks Mel covered a range topics from happiness and purpose to emotional intelligence with a number of tangible takeaways. If you are looking to support wellbeing and resilience then this programme is highly recommended.

Rebecca Hogan, HR Director
Cubico Sustainable Investments

“Mel was kind enough to give up her time to work with some of our bright but vulnerable students. We have found that many of our students suffer from stress and anxiety, especially during exam periods. Mel planned a bespoke programme for our kids which was designed to help them manage their emotions when under pressure. The students explored ideas around resilience, happiness and mindfulness. Mel is so personable and her warmth and energy cracked some very difficult characters. The students were engaged and left with an understanding of things that were previously alien to them and the practical skills that they will be able to call upon during a very important time in their lives.”

Mr Si Ali, Assistant Principal
Harris Academy Greenwich

“What a fantastic session the Happiness & Motivation workshop was. It was inspiring and uplifting and really makes you sit back and think about how you are spending your time versus how you want to be spending your time. Each one of us took something away from it and our feedback has been great. The trainer Mel is very calming which helped put us all at ease. Would definitely recommend it for personal growth or motivation in the workplace.”

Lauren Harding, Occupational Health Manage

“We ran a programme of workshops with Luminate in 2018. The workshops were informative, useful, punchy and to the point. We thought Mel was brilliant. She had an interesting and innovative way of presenting the information, she was very knowledgeable on the subjects and was able to provide additional advice and support to staff. After the sessions, many of our staff members sent us feedback on how useful and helpful the sessions were. We will be definitely running more sessions with Luminate. On a personal level, we found working with Mel easy and very pleasant experience. I would highly recommend them.”

Petya Dimit, HR Manager
Cambridge Judge Business School

“Mel delivered a brilliant and eye opening lunchtime workshop on mental wellbeing in the workplace.  It was interactive and informative and even just having a range of employees together in one room talking about this topic started to break down the stigma and normalise such a common issue. In the session you learn how to identify the signs of someone who is struggling mentally and you come away with a toolkit for how to help people. Thank you Mel, your work has never been more important than it is now.  We can’t wait to have you back in the office!”

Jen Christie, Associate Director
SR Group

“We engaged Luminate to run mental health awareness training with our managers. Mel’s delivery style was very positive and we felt the training had the desired positive impact. The training methods were varied, for example, different learning styles were taken into account, as well the levels of experience in the groups. Feedback from participants was very good overall and the training provided a foundation for good management practice.   I can recommend Luminate as a training provider that is completely reliable, works to high standards and in partnership with their clients.”

Lyca Amichia, HR Manager

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